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Langdown: ‘I can’t fault the effort from the boys’

Langdown: ‘I can’t fault the effort from the boys’

A proud, but slightly disappointed Louis Langdown spoke with Sean McGlead after AFC Totton’s 0-0 draw at Didcot Town yesterday.

Well Louis we have just drawn 0-0 at Didcot Town. That was a very decent display against a very good side wasn’t it?

‘A really good performance from the boys today after what has been a really hectic week’

‘To ask a team to play three games in five days is a little bit ludicrous but they got on with it and they could’ve easily had nine points from those games’

‘I do have a little tinge of disappointment, I can’t fault the effort from the boys, but we should’ve won the game’

The way we played you would never of thought that we had such a hectic week. We were that good today I thought.

‘I was so pleased with them in terms of the pressing and getting the ball back.’

‘When you think about the chances we created, Feens has had a great chance and the keeper has made a save from his left foot shot. He has had another shot that has screwed just past the post and Tony lee had a great chance then right at the death you had Sherbs who skewed wide after the ball bobbled up on him after some great work by Dave Allen’

‘I really felt for Sherbs because he timed his run great, his first touch was excellent, and he’s one on one with the keeper and the bobble has done him, we were all thinking it’s a goal and it would have been a deserved goal, let’s not beat about the bush!’

‘He knows that was a massive chance that if it had gone in would have pushed us right on the edge of the play off places’

‘Let’s mention Toby who has run them ragged today, they couldn’t handle him, their bench kept shouting ‘double up on him’

‘On another day Toby scores or sets somebody up, he cut inside twice and had two shots, he just didn’t connect with either of them how he would have wanted when well placed. He was a threat all day and deserved to be on a winning team, so too all the players in my opinion’

‘We had to change things a bit when we bought Dave on. We knew we had to win the game to stand a chance of getting in the play offs’

Didcot didn’t trouble us that much, I think Murphs only had one save to make, didn’t he?

‘Yes, there was a header from a corner at the back post, it looked like it was going in if I am honest’

‘As soon as the big centre half connected with it I thought ‘Oh No’ but thankfully Shane was there, and he has tipped it around the post’.

‘There was a couple of stone wall penalties, ours on Tony Lee in the first half when he’s been clattered and we lose him 35 minutes in from the foul, and Didcot should have been awarded a penalty at the death, absolutely no doubt about it. All I can think is the blatant dive from a Didcot player in the first half  for which he got a yellow card, must have still been in his mind’ ’

‘How the referee has not given them that penalty I’ll never know’

As you say we have picked up some injuries today. What is the situation with those?

‘Tony’s injury probably means his season is over now. Let’s be honest for him to start the last couple of games after previously picking up that injury at Cirencester was great’

‘We took a gamble on playing Tony from the start today because we needed to get the win, but the gamble didn’t pay off for us or him today’

‘It was a heavy tackle, or should I say a foul on him in the box and unfortunately, we have lost him. So, I’m doubtful we’ll see Tony in an AFC Totton shirt again this season’

‘Tony has also got a suspension after getting another yellow card. So that probably will be it for him’

‘Unfortunately, Feens has picked up an injury aswell on his foot. He soldiered on after a late tackle in the first half but on the re start you could see he was I pain so we had to withdraw him’.

‘We are hopeful with Feens injury that rest will help and we might get him back before the season end, but if it’s bone damage as it tends to be on the top the foot, then that could be it too for him. Charlie Gunson did a stint up there for us today. It is what it is at this stage of the season. The crazy schedule hasn’t helped us on that front possibly but we have Sherbs too so we will dust ourselves down and go again!’

We have got another game at Yate on Tuesday evening. How do you see that one?

‘We are going to go and try and get a victory, we challenged them after the Shortwood game to go and put some effort in, be determined, be together and see what happens in each game’

‘It would be great if we could go the rest of the season unbeaten after that Shortwood game, but that loss is the one that hurts us’

‘We have had a good reaction from the players and I can’t praise them enough, they have been excellent starting at Paulton on Tuesday, beating Winchester on Thursday and drawing at Didcot today’

‘We were unlucky not to have won at Paulton after the disallowed effort by Feens. On another day that goal would have counted had the decision from the assistant referee been the correct one, and it would’ve been the winner’

‘Then we go and beat Winchester on Thursday in what was a really even game’

‘Then today I am slightly disappointed that we have not won after all of the effort that we put in and the clearer chances we created. The players fitness levels and determination was clear to see today, and the 50 odd fans that made the trip applauded them for a long time after the final whistle. You were at the games Sean, our keeper has had less saves to make than each of our three opponents’ keepers, these are the facts and so I can say the players deserved more but it wasn’t to be. They have been nothing short of superb, the 5-point return for the three games is less than they deserve.’






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