This document is for all Players, Coaches, Staff, Volunteers, Officials and Spectators to prepare to the return of football at The Snows Stadium.

AFC Totton Football Club has followed all FA guidance and risk assessed each directive to provide a policy that meets the criteria set by the FA. Many of the directives are mandatory, and if not, are at the very least, advisory, to ensure the complete safety of all those that enter the Snows Stadium.

It is critical that this document is read by all attending The Snows Stadium.

As per FA Guidance on 17th July 2020 relating to grassroots football, the following is applicable at Snows Stadium:

Covid Officer – WAYNE MEW / SAM DAVIES

All Clubs must appoint a Covid-19 Officer. This Officer must constantly monitor FA Guidelines and ensure that all updated information is communicated to all Players, Coaches, Staff, Volunteers, Officials and Spectators (when they are permitted to return).

Code of Conduct

It is the clubs’ responsibility to ensure that Ground is a safe environment for all and we therefore need to minimise the risk of infection and use close care and attention in all aspects of preparation for the return of Football.

If you or anyone in your household is experiencing symptoms related to Covid-19, please do not enter the Ground. If you do experience any symptoms, you should stay at home, arrange a test and self-isolate. This applies not just to Spectators, but also to Players, Coaches, Staff, Volunteers and Officials.

If you develop any symptoms whilst at The Snows stadium, please make a member of staff aware and leave the stadium to return home, arrange a test and self-isolate.

Before you arrive at the stadium and also before you leave the ground, please wash your hands. There will be sanitizer available throughout the ground, so please make sure that you apply this regularly.

Please ensure that you maintain Social Distancing throughout the Ground. The two-metre rule is still applicable so please keep two metres apart wherever possible. There are floor markings in place for the Catering facilities and there are also dedicated areas that are ‘safe’ for spectator standing, to ensure that safe social distancing measures are maintained.

Seating in the Main Stand has reduced in capacity to reflect social distancing guidelines with gaps between seats for spectators. Seats that are not in use have been clearly blocked off to reflect that they are not in use. There are barriers in place around the ground to restrict access in certain areas and to ease congestion.

You will be requested to sign-in upon your arrival at The Snows stadium and give your details in line with the government’s Track and Trace guidelines. These details will be destroyed within 21 days to ensure that the club remains GDPR compliant. Please maintain 2m social distancing whilst entering the ground and follow direction from club stewards. Please be considerate of others when you are using the facilities at The Snows Stadium between 22nd and 30th August 2020 – The Snows Stadium will have a maximum capacity of 300. From w/c 31st August 2020 – the capacity at The Snows Stadium will then be a maximum of 600 spectators.


If you have to travel to the ground with someone, please ensure that you always travel with the same person. Ensure your windows are open to provide ventilation and do not sit face-to-face. Where possible, try and use alternative methods of transport rather than driving and ensure a car is cleaned both before and after a journey. Please ensure that face masks are worn both to and from the Ground as well as to and from away fixtures.

Upon your arrival at The Snows stadium, please ensure that you follow all guidelines that have been set by the club. There will be signage in place around the ground, as well as floor markings and restrictions on the facilities at the club. Toilet facilities will observe a strict ‘one-in, one-out’ policy, this will apply for both inside and outside toilets.

When you arrive at the ground, please make sure you wash and sanitize your hands. There is ample handwash and sanitizer available around the ground. Please also ensure that you wash and sanitize your hands before you leave the ground too.

Players, Match Officials and Coaches/Staff are required to arrive at the ground where changing rooms will be available, but there will be social distancing measurers in place.

Spectators must also observe all guidelines in place at the ground and maintain good hygiene and social distancing.

During Matches

There will be no pre-match handshakes (as was the case pre-lockdown). Make sure you wash and sanitize your hands before matches. There will be no team talk huddles – all team talks are to be carried out whilst maintaining social distancing, along with both warm-ups and cool-downs. There is no spitting permitted by either players or coaching staff. Players are reminded not to shout in each other’s faces.

All Officials and Players must always socially distance on the touch lines and in dug outs etc. Due to the size of the dug-outs at the ground, there will be a designated, socially distanced area for those that there is not room for.

Goal posts and balls must be sanitized before the games, at half-time and also again at full-time. There are to be no goal celebrations and no sharing of water bottles. Players are advised to bring their own drinks bottles with them. No equipment whatsoever is permitted to be shared.


All drinks purchased in the clubhouse at The Snows stadium will be served in single use disposable glasses. No-one is permitted to come up to the bar to be served. The clubhouse will be closed to maintain social distancing and drinks will be served from a designated area in the clubhouse to be consumed outside where social distancing can be maintained. After the game, the clubhouse area will be used purely for hospitality – as this can be offered with social distancing, provided that the numbers are restricted within the area. Spectators will still be able to purchase drinks and consume these outside the clubhouse area. Cash payments will be accepted, but card payments are the preferred method of payment.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is available on-site for staff and volunteers should they wish to wear it.

Final statement

AFC Totton Football Club thank-you for both reading and following our club guidelines.

This statement will be updated when further guidelines are issued by both the FA and the Government