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Get to know your fellow fans

Get to know your fellow fans

The AFC Totton fan featured in this weeks ‘Get to know your fellow fans’ is Brian Embley.  Brian is a long-term fan of the club.  He used to watch Totton FC at Testwood Park before they amalgamated with Totton Athletic to create AFC Totton in 1975.

Brian Embley

Brian’s father took him to his first game in 1947 when he was just 5 years old and because he was so young Brian has no recollection of who Totton FC played or what the score was.

Brian is a keen cameraman, you may have seen some of Brian’s old film on the ‘Old Totton’ facebook page showing old footage from around the town in the 1960’s. Brian has even had some of his film used by Meridian TV.

Back in 2011. Myself and Terry Bagshaw thought that AFC Totton should have something to commemorate the clubs move from Testwood Park to The Testwood Stadium.  We hit upon the idea of making a DVD.  We knew how we wanted it to be and we had a chat with various people about trying to make this happen and Brian was recommended to us as a cameraman. After talking to him and explaining what we wanted he agreed to do all the filming for us.  Terry and myself decided on the layout of the DVD, but without Brian it would never have happened, he was phenomenal for us.

The DVD was called ‘The big move’ and it included Interviews with supporters, players, the clubs most successful manager Stu Ritchie and his assistant Sean New amongst others, as well as an in-depth interview with the late Pete Chilcott about the history of the club and his memories of Testwood Park, stretching back to 1933!. There was also as some footage of the Totton FC team from the early 60’s which Brian had filmed himself.

Brian still has a few copies for sale if you would like to buy one.  Brian told me that ‘It was a pleasure’ to film the DVD.  If you would like to purchase a copy email

Brian told me that his favourite AFC Totton games were the FA Cup 1st round tie at home to Bradford Park Avenue in 2011 when Totton won 8-1, and the 2nd round tie at home to Bristol Rovers in the same year which of course will be remembered my most Tottonians as it was live on National TV.

Brian said that AFC Totton has great fans and there is a great atmosphere around the club and at the Stadium.  He also feels that the club is going in the right direction, and he thanks everyone behind the scenes for all the hard work that is being put in.


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