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Get to know your fellow fans!

Get to know your fellow fans!

This is Ian Willis. Ian has been following Totton home and away for 5 years now. Ian is not from Totton, he actually lives in Hounslow in West London. So how did Ian start following the Stags I here you ask?

Ian told me that he and his wife were making weekly trips down to Hampshire as they were looking to buy a 2nd home in the area. On one of their weekly trips down here they were sat in a pub in Totton and Ian suggested to his wife that they should look for a local football team to support and they decided that AFC Totton would be the ideal team to follow. Ian and his wife eventually found a property to buy, ironically on the site of Testwood Park, the former home of the Stags.

His first Totton game was a Southern Premier League fixture against Stourbridge at The Testwood Stadium in August 2013. Unfortunately, the Stags lost the game 4-1 with young Taylor Edwards scoring the Totton goal on the day. This of course was a time when the Stags were trying to survive with a team of 17 or 18-year olds who were playing for nothing. The Stags were still trying to deal with all the financial troubles that very nearly killed the club. You wouldn’t have blamed Ian for turning away and not bother coming back, as the Stags had a torrid time, especially in the first half of that season. To Ian’s credit he kept coming along and he still follows the club home and away, often coming to games from his West London base.

Ian says that his most memorable game was at Wantage Town in November 2015, a game that Totton won 4-0 with goals from Watts, Williams, Gosney & Sherborne. Ian says that thing he remembers above all from that game was that the Totton keeper Steve Mowthorpe scored from a goal kick, but the referee disallowed it! In more recent times Ian really enjoyed the 3-1 win at Shortwood United back in November when Tony Lee scored a hat-trick for the Stags.

One of things that Ian loves about the club is the friendliness, he enjoys the fact that he can talk to the players and management.

Ian feels that the club are on the up under Louis Langdown and Adam Wilde. He says, “We have done better than expected this season, we have played some quality football with a young committed side”.

Ian says that he thinks that Chairman Wayne Mew is doing a great job in putting the club back on the map and he thinks having great characters around the club like Wayne Shaw is also a real coup. Ian also pointed out that he loves the fact that the club has really made a genuine effort to become part of the local Community.


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