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Interview – Louis talks about the Stags 1-1 draw at Taunton in FA Trophy.

Interview – Louis talks about the Stags 1-1 draw at Taunton in FA Trophy.

Louis Langdown speaks to Sean McGlead after the Stags excellent 1-1 draw at Taunton Town in the FA Trophy yesterday.

Louis. Let’s face it, top of the table Taunton Town away at this stage of the FA Trophy is as tough a draw as we could have got. You must be delighted to come away with a 1-1 draw and earn a replay here on Tuesday evening?

“Yes mate, it was a good result for us. We are inching closer to beating them. Since I have been here it’s been three games that we have had down there and we are definitely getting better. We are really pleased with the performance, it was a game of two halves really, the first half was slightly dire from our perspective, but we have picked it up in the 2nd half and we were certainly well worthy of the draw, if not more!’’

There was quite a strong breeze throughout the afternoon. How big a part did that play in the game?

“Yep I could feel it. We couldn’t really get out in the first half, we just couldn’t clear our lines, we couldn’t get out, and the ball was in our half quite a lot and in our box quite a lot. When you consider that their goalkeeper was kicking the ball without much effort and it was sailing right the way through into our box on many occasions then I think it is fair to say that the wind played a part in upsetting the rhythm of the game. It certainly wasn’t a spectacle like the last time we played there, it was a dig in scenario’’

You must be pleased with our two centre halves who had their work cut out dealing with high wind assisted balls coming their way, especially in the first half?

‘’I thought our two centre halves were excellent for us today, when you consider Jack Barker is 17 and Jack Smith is 20 that’s not too bad from those two and don’t forget that Smith has still got a facial injury sustained at Wimborne last week, he is a brave boy and I have got a lot of time for the pair of them.’’

As you mentioned we played Taunton there just a few weeks ago. Did you learn anything from that game that you took into today?

“No disrespect we kind of know what Taunton have to offer, they have good players. we know what to expect, they are clever with the simple stuff, they put the ball in the box, they compete, they look to win the knock downs they cross the ball at every opportunity and they get strikes in on goal. In the first half they had quite a few strikes at goal, not necessarily great ones, but they got strikes in. They also play for free kicks, but they didn’t need to play for the one for their goal that was a blatant foul unfortunately, we got the wrong side and he’s pulled him down and the lad has tucked it away’’

We conceded a couple of free kicks in those areas in the first half and one of them they scored from

“That is three set piece goals that we have conceded against them in the two games we have played there this season. They have not cut us open for these goals. Taunton won’t change the way they play and why would they? They are sitting top of the league, they know exactly what they are doing”

So, we have the replay here Tuesday evening and our fans have got the chance to see us up against the top of the table side. Will it be different playing them at home?

“It’s a midweek fixture and a long trek for them, but ultimately if we play to our capabilities then we will have a chance of getting something. However, if we switch off for set pieces or we switch off during the game and they play to their strengths as they do most weeks then it will be a tough one for us’’


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