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Jamie Cotton’s thoughts on Slimbridge defeat.

Jamie Cotton’s thoughts on Slimbridge defeat.

Sean McGlead got the views of goalkeeping coach Jamie Cotton after Yesterday’s 2-1 home defeat to Slimbridge.

Jamie, we started sloppily from the off today and unfortunately that seemed to set the tone didn’t it?

“Yeah, the first 20 minutes today we weren’t really at it. They have scored with a free header from 6 or 7 yards out, from a set piece after 12 minutes, and to be honest we were lucky not to already be losing the game by then.’’

“Unfortunately, rather than catapult ourselves into the game we seemed to stay in our shell for another 10 minutes and conceded again from another set piece. To be fair with the 2nd goal the lad has done well to escape his marker but the 1st goal was really disappointing. The guy has come in. nobody’s picked the lad up and the smallest man on the pitch has had a free header.’’

“After that we have had a mountain to climb. In this league, most sides will not let you turn around a two goal deficit. We did well to get a goal back on the stroke of half time. I think that everybody thought we would come out for the 2nd half and turn the game around after that.’’

The first half was very poor from us generally speaking, but after the break we came out looked a bit busier, kept the ball a bit better, but we never really hurt them. Do you agree?

“No, we’ve had plenty of possession for the first 15 minutes of the 2nd half, without really hurting them. Their goalkeeper has done all the basics very well for them but I don’t think we have forced him into a decent save, which is really disappointing.’’

“As the game wore on we got more desperate and put more big balls into their box. Overall though I have to agree it’s been a very disappointing day at the office for us.’’

So where does this defeat leave us Jamie? Can we bounce back on Monday?

“Yeah, I think so, it’s all relative, but this result today could prove to be a positive in the end. What we need to do is turn this negative into a positive. People were may be getting a little bit carried away after the early season results, but this will bring us back down to earth. We know where we are, hopefully we can address what we have seen today and address the issues that we have had. Overall, we still probably had 65% possession and perhaps we could have had a point today, but I think this game has been a reality check, but we can certainly bounce back on Monday against Salisbury.’’

Ok Jamie thank you very much.

“No problem Sean’’


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