Sunday, April 11

Langdown ‘That was an excellent display’

Langdown ‘That was an excellent display’

Louis Langdown spoke with Sean McGlead after the Stags 4-0 win over Mangotsfield United.

Langdown ‘That was an excellent display’.


That was a cracking display today Louis. What are your thoughts?

“Yep, that was an excellent display. You saw a good footballing side get exactly what they deserved today and that was a 4-0 victory. We were so comfortable throughout and I am really pleased with how we went about it, scoring goals at good times to keep the momentum going. It was as good a display as we have had here for a long time against a side that have turned things around. They are a side that drew with Evesham and Bideford recently and they came here expecting to get something. I am really pleased with my players for putting in such an accomplished display and they deserve all the credit today.’’

Today was very much a team display Louis but I have to ask you about a few of our players starting with Jack Barker who scored two and played superbly well?

“Jack was superb, yes. I was really pleased for him because he has had Jack Smith or Chuggy beside him previously and they have both helped him. We saw some excellent displays from Jack prior to the Swindon game where he had a bit of a dip but to be fair this group have helped him to get his confidence back. He showed just what he is about today and I have no doubt that he is going to go on to bigger and better things. He is a quiet lad but also a stylish defender and we are very fortunate to have him, Jack Smith and Chuggy who complement each other really well. They have all been excellent for us this season and with Dave Allen coming back that is great news for this football club.’’

I also want to ask you about Alfy Whittingham because I thought he was a bundle of energy in midfield today?

“Alfy was excellent today. Everyone mentions his energy and enthusiasm but we are trying to keep him in a central position instead of him being everywhere. That means the person next to him has got to talk to him and I thought Jack Masterton was excellent in marshalling Alfy today. He allowed him to play to his strengths, keeping us protected centrally and I thought that Jack was another big influence on the game.’’

You must be delighted to see Feeney get a goal today because he had been getting a little frustrated recently?

“I am pleased for Feens as he gets situations where chances haven’t quite come off for him. He should have had a couple of penalties recently that haven’t been given but he works the shoulder ever so well. His link up play with Tony has been good and to be fair the link up with Sherbs prior to that was also good. It’s a case of him keeping his head up and you know with Feens that he is going to get opportunities. I am really pleased that today he got that opportunity and he took it. If you are in a situation where you are not scoring but you are setting up things and assisting then we can’t ask much more than that.’’

Finally, this result puts us handily placed in the table, so you must be pleased about that too?

“I am chuffed that we are there or thereabouts. This is a young group and I know we keep going on about how young they are but the bulk of the group is only 18,19 or 20. Today Charlie Gunson has come off the bench and scored and he is a one of that ‘young’ group. So yes, I am pleased that we are in and around the play-off spots. There are a group of teams on 23 points and we sit on top of that pile because we have the best defensive record in the division and that is something the team can be proud of and is a huge turnaround from last year. From Murphs to the back five, six, seven or eight that we have used this year, I am really chuffed with them all. I am chuffed with our vice-captain Ian Oliver because with solid foundations you can move forward. It’s not like we can’t score goals either as we have had two 5-0 wins and now a 4-0 so the boys are doing okay and long may that continue!’’

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