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Langdown: ‘I felt comfortable from minute one’

Langdown: ‘I felt comfortable from minute one’

Sean McGlead caught up with Louis Langdown after yesterdays game v  Larkhall to get his thoughts on the Stags 2-0 win.

Louis, I thought that was an entertaining game, it must feel good to return to winning ways?

“Yeah, it is always good to get back to winning ways, after what has been a difficult period at home. We have had some sloppiness about us in recent home games and we have suffered some bad luck and we have had some dubious moments in those games.”

“Today was about getting a result, I think our players did very well. To be fair to both teams it was a difficult pitch that has taken game after game. Credit to Ken and the ground staff for getting it on again, we have played a lot more games than everybody else in the last month.”

“I thought both teams approached it well. It was managed well by the referee, there was no great controversy about anything, it was an entirely comfortable afternoon for everybody.”

You made a few changes to the side today, I thought Callum Chugg came back in and did very well, I thought Stuart Mott at right back did very well, Robin Nicholls played well in fact I could name others too. There were a number of good performances out there today wasn’t there?

“There were some really good performances you know. We keep reiterating to the boys that you won’t play well every week, it just doesn’t happen at this level.”

“There will be moments when we will need to change it, and we changed it today, those changes were not made for tactical reasons, they were made because of injured bodies.”

“Motty came in to protect Connor a little bit, Connor took a hit on Tuesday, we had to protect him because, at the moment he is our only right back and he has been excellent for us. Motty was available, so we stuck him in.”

“Obviously, Dave has got sent off against Bideford for two yellows, everybody knows my thoughts on that. Chuggy came back in and he has been excellent today, again he is another young kid. Jack Masterton was unavailable because of his calf. He took a whack against Bideford. I might sound as if I am hammering Bideford here, but they were physical!”

Robin also came in and was excellent and Alfy did very well. We had to replace Boze as well after he picked up that injury on Tuesday night and Ollie came back in to the side.”

“We have a squad for this reason, we trust everybody to play, and today all those that came in and did well, we needed to win, and we have done that.”

From memory, I think this is the first time this season that I have seen a goalless first half! lol

“Where we have come from Sean. It was important to come in on a stable base. We will always create chances, we are a good passing side, it’s just a question if we can take those chances.”

“We had a great chance in the first half when Feens was played in over the top and he has mis-cued it a little bit, So, we know we will get these chances, it’s just a case of ‘if’ we take these chances.”

“Our defensive record up until Christmas was excellent, that record has taken a bit of a battering of late.”

“So, at half time today I was pleased to come in a 0-0 because the back four had been excellent, we were solid. The only chance I can recall was a deflected shot that Murphs has had to save. On Tuesday that would have gone in, we have had to take those hits recently, but credit to Murphs he was agile enough to claw it away. So, that was their only chance that I can recall.”

“I think we were dominant really but without playing as well as we did against Bideford, but we did enough to get the job done.”

I didn’t think Larkhall were a bad side Louis, I thought they had some good players. So, it highlights again that this was a good performance from us.

“They have some good pace about them”

They were a big side Louis weren’t they?

“A lot of teams have remarked about how big they are, and they are BIG! They play the game in the right spirit though, I think they understand where they are, they understand how to play the game and they play it very well.”

“Their No 11 caused us issues in the first 20 minutes then Motty got to grips with him then they ended up switching him over to the other side and we dealt with that very well. So that is pleasing.  It was a good performance from everyone including the three officials.”

The 2nd half saw us come out, we made some substitutions Sherby has had a part to play in the first goal when he got on to Alfy’s through-ball and the keeper saved, but Feens was on hand to fire home the rebound.

Sherbs is full of energy. When Sherbs plays up with Feens, it is normally Sherbs that wins the flick ons and Feeney who gets in behind because that is his strengths. This time we managed to get Sherbs on the shoulder and it was a great ball from Alfy. Sherbs would probably be disappointed not to score himself if I am honest, it was a good run and Feens has done what you would ask him to do and he has tucked it away.”

“That goal put us into a stronger position and I felt comfortable from minute one and that is strange because we have lost five on the spin here.”

“I just felt comfortable and so did everyone else in the ground. There was no negativity from our fans, there was no negativity from the bench. We just felt if we could raise ourselves 10% we would go on and win the game.”

“It was good that Tony got his goal as well, it was a good finish, in fact it was a great finish to be fair! I would rather Tony got a couple of tap ins than rely on a great strike!”

“We are trying to get him to be in the box because to be fair to Tony he takes hits left, right and centre from centre half’s. He is a brave lad in the air and he gives us a good platform to move forward to. Tony puts his body on the line to get us forward but I would like him to be more central,”

“I would also like Feens to be more central to get tap ins because we do deliver well from wide areas with our build up play. So, we stuck him out wide left, we took Toby off, we put Sherbs on up front with Feens and it has worked for us. At their place when we put Pina up there we had three up top to try and get the winner and that worked because Pina hit a thunderbolt in the last minute and it worked this time because Tony has cut in on his right foot and he has unleashed a great strike. We are pleased, very pleased with him.”

Next week we are at North Leigh, another tough game for us isn’t it?

“We have got this thing now which is quite nice, because before everybody would look as results and look at the table before we play someone.”

“Now we just go game by game. Will North Leigh give us problems? Yes, they will. They are a good side irrespective of their league position and where they are in our league.”

“We will have to be on it. We will have to be physical, we will have to win our battles and clear our lines and we will have to try and play whenever we can,”

“it doesn’t matter where we play. We will go with that approach and we will go game by game and see where we end up.”

We would like to apologise for putting Louis’s interview up much later than normal. 





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