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Langdown: ‘My players put their bodies on the line’.

Langdown: ‘My players put their bodies on the line’.

A delighted Louis Langdown spoke to Sean McGlead after last nights 1-0 win over Winchester City in a keenly contested ‘Hampshire derby’.

Louis that was a typical local derby, it was a full-blooded contest. You must be pleased to have just edged it?

‘Yes, we are chuffed to win the game, there wasn’t too much in the game if I am honest. It was an even affair and the odd goal settled it.’

‘I am pleased that we have come out on the right side of it in what has been a really hectic week for us so far. The Paulton game and this game have given our fans something to be happy with after the bitterly disappointing game last Saturday.’

‘I am really pleased with the effort and commitment of the players, there were some dead bodies out there and they just kept going and going and to be fair to them they did really well to get that win tonight.’

How much has the three games in five days affected the players? There looked to be one or two tired passes towards the end.

‘Yes, there was a few tired passes, we are asking non-league footballers to do what professional footballers don’t do. So, it was a given that there were going to be tired bodies out there for both sides.’

‘Unfortunately, we couldn’t have the fresh legs that we wanted, which is a shame, but they have coped with it very well.’

‘To be fair to Winchester they have put some excellent balls in our box and put a bit of pressure on us, but we defended very resolutely, and we cleared things with good defensive positioning and shape, and of course they put their bodies on the line and that is what you would expect in a game of this nature.’

‘When you look back we have got a very young side, a back four that are all teenagers, Craig has assembled a very decent Winchester side packed full of players with Southern League experience and know how, they put some great balls in our box from good areas and they countered on us very well with the pace in their side.’

‘They have got a goal scorer in Oli Bailey who is up there in the top five scorers in our division and we have kept him quiet tonight, So I am really pleased with the back four and the effort that they have put in to get us over the line. I can’t recall many clear cut opportunities or even top saves from Murphs, except his excellent tip over from a Gilbert long range special. Plenty of pressure and penalty box action yes, but we didn’t allow any real goal scoring moments’

‘Let’s not think that Craig Feeney’s finish was nothing short of being excellent. It was a great finish from a deliberate tactic we stressed before the game, and 7 minutes in we get success.’

‘We put a couple of things on the board tonight that we wanted the boys to do. We wanted them to battle, we wanted them to be strong and we were exactly that!’

‘We thought good passes over the top with Feeney’s pace would cause them problems and it did!’

‘It was a goal we knew was coming and we were so happy that Craig was on the end of it because that was some finish after that receiving Gunson’s ball 50 yards out. The header to get in front of the two centre halves and to muscle them out of it before finding the side netting and scoring past a very good goalkeeper, So I am more than happy with that. To be honest the same ball worked again and Feens has pulled a top save out of Pryce that could have extended the lead to 2-0 some 15 minutes later.’

There were some really good performances all over the pitch for us tonight wasn’t there?

‘To a man they all put their bodies on the line, the centre halves were immense, nothing come down their left-hand side. Connor was that good defensively, Alfy covered every blade of grass, Jack Masterton was his usual calmness on the ball. Matt and Toby are getting a good understanding on the left and they both combined well with Toby attacking the by-line well. I don’t think Tony lost many headers all night if I am honest, including in our own box from set plays. I just felt Tony was a real presence in a game when we were all tired and pretty football was not too realistic in a local derby game.’

‘What we had to do was match the effort of Winchester and I thought we did that tonight.’

We now have to get ready for a game at Didcot on Saturday, hopefully we can get the boys freshened up for that one. How do you see that game Louis?

‘Didcot are a good side, but for once I am going to sit back and enjoy the effort our boys put in tonight.’

‘We will take care of Didcot on Saturday morning when we know what we have got, and when we know who is able to run, and who is able to move.’

‘We have a 17-year-old at left back who has had to stand up to the physical challenge of Paulton Rovers on Tuesday and Winchester City tonight. Massive credit to him. Pleased for Matt because he has probably been a little flat with his injuries that have disrupted his rhythm, but in the last few games and you can see what Matt Bozier is about. I am pleased that he stood up to the physical challenge.’

‘We will just go with whatever we have got, in terms of numbers. It is just another game that we have to try and eek out.’

On the back of Shortwood loss, I think that the game at Paulton and the game tonight has shown that these boys can step it up and they can mix it. It’s a real shame Feens late disallowed goal at Paulton didn’t give us the win it should have’.

‘We just need that level of consistency and we have to try and show that against Didcot.’



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