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Langdown: ‘Taunton are the Man City of our world!’

Langdown: ‘Taunton are the Man City of our world!’

Louis Langdown told Sean McGlead what he made of the Stags 4-0 defeat at Home to League leaders Taunton yesterday.

Well that was a tough afternoon after suffering a 4-0 defeat at home to Taunton Louis.

Yes, it was. But I think 4-0 flattered them if I am honest. We have been done, everything we know about Taunton they turned up and did today. They were excellent in what they did, they get the ball from back to front really quickly, they work off of the ‘big lad’ Wright up front, play percentage football and pick up 2nd balls in and around the penalty box and they have done us with three deliveries into the box that led to three goals from inside or close to the 6-yard box, we have then given them the fourth. So, a disappointing day all round.

You know that the teams who do well in the Southern League are usually the big physical uncompromising teams. You know that teams like Taunton are going to be difficult to deal with.

Yes, they are effective in what they do. You are right this league is about power and physicality. We lack that a little bit and we know that. This was not the team that we would have gone with at the start of the day, but we have had a couple pull out through illness and that has upset us. We wanted to go and match them for size, but we couldn’t play the system we wanted because we purely didn’t have the players, but you can’t take it anything away from Taunton. If there is a team to learn from it is them. Most people will look at Taunton and try to replicate what they do but you can’t replicate sides, you either have it or you haven’t. They have it and they are very good at it and credit to them, we are trying to play to our strengths and 9 times out of 10 that’s been good enough. Taunton are the Man City’s of our world, we won’t lose focus and their won’t be any fall out from this game.

I know you won’t use this as an excuse Louis, but you have had illness in the camp this week. I know for example that Jack Masterton has been suffering yet he still played today.

Jack Masterton turned up for training on Thursday and he was a white as a ghost. He really shouldn’t have played today in hindsight, but that was my decision and Jack wanted to have a go. I did look at that and thought about putting Robin (Nicholls) in but Rob has a bit of an issue with his hamstring after he pulled up in training. To lose Connor was a blow because realistically he and Jack were going to be wing backs and we couldn’t ask Jack to be a wing back today with his energy levels as they were, and as I said we lost Connor this morning, so we had to go with a 4-4-2 on a day when we wanted to do something different. It hasn’t worked because we didn’t have the size in our team. If we had gone three at the back with the likes of Barker, Smith, Chugg, and then played Motty in advance of those centrally, we would have had the height and I dare say we might have dealt with things a bit better than we did today. As it is we have been taught a bit of a lesson and we will take it on the chin.

Obviously, we will want to bounce back quickly, and we have Paulton Rovers here on Tuesday night. How do things stand Do we have any new injuries etc?

We will probably be as we were today with no new injuries. Connor is still ill, Jack may still be struggling. We are coughing and spluttering all the way through the team if I am honest. It’s not an excuse, teams deal with it and we will move forward and deal with it. So, whatever we’ve got we will go with against Paulton and we will look to bounce back from today’s result.

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