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Langdown; We will put it right as soon as we can’

Langdown; We will put it right as soon as we can’

After Tuesday nights game with Paulton Rovers Louis Langdown gave his reaction to Sean McGlead.

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Well Louis we are all feeling a bit flat after a 3-0 home defeat to Paulton Rovers. What are your thoughts after the game?

“It’s a loss mate, 3-0 looks like was it pretty much was. There were some key moments in the game that went against us. We didn’t score the penalty at 0-0, if we score that it’s 1-0 and that lifts everybody and changes the outlook of the game. When you look at it they came here to grab a point. You had their keeper slowing it down after 8 or 9 minutes of the first half, they have come here for a point and, yet we haven’t been good enough, or clinical enough to take the lead.”

“On top of that there has been a foul on Jack Barker out wide leading up to their first goal, the lad who fouled him crossed it in and it’s 1-0. You can’t legislate for those things, but we have got be able to take it on the chin and react and this evening we didn’t have that reaction, which is disappointing. We should have got back on track and failed to clear our lines and it is like pin-ball when realistically we had 3 or 4 opportunities to clear it, it rebounds off of one of our players, it goes straight through to their one player up front and he tucks it away.”

“So, there is elements of luck in the game and we are not getting the rub of the green right now, there was carelessness from us in the 2nd half and they have scored a 3rd goal, from when we were in good possession of the ball and two seconds later we have conceded a goal. It was a worldy strike from their player, but it was totally preventable as were the other two goals.”

“We need to keep a level head, but we certainly need to improve our defensive capabilities and if I am honest our workrate too!”

We have missed a few key penalties recently and they have all proved costly, haven’t they?

“They have all proved costly ultimately because tonight for eaxmape would have been the first goal and as we all know goals change games, it changes the mood, it changes the confidence levels of players.”

“We have got to take the hit, we are a young team, it’s not the end of the world we have lost a football match, we will put it right as soon as we can and get back on a good run which will put us where we want to be and that was to make a big improvement on last year.”

“I thought Matt Bozier did well for us tonight, although I can’t say anybody else came out with any credit and when you lose 3-0 at home you don’t deserve credit.”

“We are here training on Thursday and it won’t be doom and gloom, we will raise their spirits because at the end of the day we’ve lost a game of football. We’ve got to go out there with a hunger, a want and a will to run and pass the ball.”

ON Saturday we play a Slimbridge side who can score goals, but they can concede them too. Any thoughts prior to this one?

“We have got to go into this one wanting to improve our performances, we have also got to get the result, we managed to get a point at Winchester when we were up against it and I praised the lads for their effort and commitment then, but I can’t do that after this evening. So first and foremost we need to ensure we get the work rate and commitment from them at Slimbridge”

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