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Langdown’s views on 1-1 draw at Fleet Town.

Langdown’s views on 1-1 draw at Fleet Town.

Sean McGlead spoke to Louis Langdown after Yesterdays 1-1 draw at Fleet Town in the FA Cup Preliminary Round.

 Louis we were not at our best today but we have got a 1-1 draw. How did you see the game?

“The positive is that we are still in the hat, it wasn’t the best footballing spectacle, both sides struggled to play on that surface really.  Murph kept us in it with two great saves, Sherbs could have and probably should have put us in front with a header after great work by Toby, that would have settled us down a bit”.

“We were forced to make a change today with Ian Oliver out due to his ankle injury and Jack had to play left back. Charlie came back into the side today and did very well and he was unfortunate not to get on the score sheet early in the 2nd half with his left foot shot”.

As you say, you had to make a couple of changes to the side, despite this we did take the lead and we could have scored one or two more. But we had to do a fair bit of defending at times, didn’t we?

“Motty and Chuggy have done well they have mopped up and cleared up what they had to but in honesty nobody deserved to win that game, it had a draw written all over it, the scoreline was probably a fair reflection”.

So all in all with us not at our best and it not being the greatest of games, you are pleased with a draw?

“We were disappointed, we would have preferred to have won the game today of course we would, we have been on a good run. As I say, the positive is that we are still in the hat and we can put things right on Tuesday”.

So what are your thoughts going into Tuesdays game, you know what they are about now?

“Yeah we know what they are about now, absolutely, we will try and impose ourselves on the game a bit better than we did today, we know how to set up and how we want to play”.

“We will get at them, we know we will have to deal with the long ball a bit better because today a couple of balls down the middle caused us a problem. We will deal with that and on our surface, I think we will be able to get the ball down and play a bit”.

Thanks Louis and good luck in the replay on Tuesday.


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