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Louis Landown speaks about ‘unlucky’ Cup exit

Louis Landown speaks about ‘unlucky’ Cup exit

Sean McGlead caught up with Louis Langdown after the Stags unfortunate 2-1 FA Cup defeat at Frome Town.

 Louis, We’ve just been beaten 2-1 by Frome Town in the 1st qualifying round of the FA Cup. Do you feel that we were a little unfortunate?

“Yeah maybe. We were a little patched up today, we came and had a go and for an hour of the game we were arguably the better side. ‘’

We looked as good as Frome town for long periods today Louis, I agree. How did you feel once we got our noses in front?

“I honestly thought that we’d go on from there. However, they got an equaliser and it was a bit of a soft goal from our point of view. We over covered on that side and allowed Darren Jeffreys to be free in the box and he struck it well, scoring a very good goal and that really lifted them. It changed their mentality and I thought they were probably a little on top after that. So, I am a bit disappointed that we gifted them a goal when we were on top.’’

Unfortunately Louis, One of our ex-players Jono Davies has gone on to score a winner for them?

“It’s always the way, the old player gets the winner against his old club. He is still a very good player by the way. His finish was very good, but ultimately, we were the creators of our own downfall really. Which is a shame because the lads have done very well for most of the game and in all honesty Sean, I feel disappointed that we did not win here today against a side from the league above, which is a good sign! We played well enough for the most part, despite missing a number of players. I am very proud of my players overall though mate.”

I know you are still thinking about this defeat but if I can ask you to look forward to next week’s game at home to Yate. I know you are still going to be missing players but how do you see that one?

“We are short at the minute and we are asking people to fill holes, they are doing jobs for us. We have just lost three games but they have been tight games, we are one or two short. We will be one or two short against Yate but we have to roll our sleeves up and kick on. Our situation is not going to change, our budget is what our budget is. We have to nurse players back to fitness, we have to take decisions on the chin like those recent red cards against us. Even today there must have been 120 fouls by them and about 5 from us and yet we have picked up a couple of yellows. Sometimes you can’t believe what you see in front of you it’s comical, but we just have to get on with it.’’

“Back to Yate next week, we will give it our all and if it’s not as pretty as everybody wants, there is a reason behind it, we just have to try and win the game now.’’

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