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Louis Langdown ‘chuffed’ with 5-0 win over Yate Town.

Louis Langdown ‘chuffed’ with 5-0 win over Yate Town.

A delighted Louis Langdown had a chat with Sean McGlead after yesterday’s superb 5-0 win over Yate Town……….

Well Louis what a tremendous result what are your thoughts after that?

“Very pleased mate, it was a good performance, we took our goals very well. We are mixing it up very well with our goal scorers which is really nice, but to win 5-0 at home is an excellent result.’’

We have been banging those goals in at home so far Louis

“It’s our 2nd 5-0 at home so far this season and so far, we must have scored about 14 goals in our four-home league and cup games. So, we can’t grumble at that!’’

Did you feel that a 2-0 half time lead flattered us a little?

“Yes, probably, we weren’t as fluid as we would have liked to have been, we like to keep the ball and pass the ball, but it wasn’t happening, and when it isn’t happening we need a plan ‘B’ and plan ‘B’ is be solid, win your battles, win your challenges and try to turn then and we did that very well. We scored two very good goals in the 1st half with good link up play and good combination play out wide so when we actually stepped up and passed the ball we scored two goals. I couldn’t grumble in terms of their application, they put their bodies on the line, Murphs has not had a save to make in the 1st half so on the balance of play we weren’t at our most fluent but we were the better side.”

In the 2nd half, we certainly retained the ball a lot better. What did you say to the lads at half time?

“It was an awkward half time, like you say, we didn’t get the ball moving as we wanted to during the first 45, but Yate were big and physical and we had to deal with it, and we dealt with it well. It was an awkward one because you want to be full of praise and talk about the positives and the positives were that we were 2-0 up. We knew we needed to put the game to bed and if we scored again the game would stretch and we could pass it around better and you could clearly see that we got into a rhythm after we got the 3rd, we felt comfortable, we felt assured and we passed the ball a lot better.’’

Prior to today, Yates record was drawn two and lost two, they had not been thrashed in their previous games, they were no mugs. So, to win 5-0 against a side like them must be very pleasing?

“Yate are a decent side, make no mistake about it. Yate will feel hurt by today’s result. They are not too bad a side, they went to Bideford and only lost to a set piece goal and Bideford are flying high. We are just pleased that we have put down a marker today and this means we can put the recent results behind us.’’

Looking at our goals today Louis, four of the five were from the edge of the box or outside the box.

“We keep saying don’t turn down crosses, don’t turn down opportunities to shoot. If you don’t shoot, you don’t score, it’s a fairly old cliché but it’s true. We have got people who can connect. Curtis has got a hell of a strike on him, he can shoot left or right footed, which confuses defenders. Toby can get on the back stick, I am going to lose my voice if I have to keep telling him. That is where his goals are going to come from. Toby can strike a ball too, we have seen it, he has got that, he has done it numerous times, we want him to shoot more and that’s it! The forwards have done their bit by locking the ball in and setting them up, if the strikers don’t get on the score-sheet but they are getting assists then I am more than happy’’

 I can’t do this interview and not ask you about Curtis young. What a talent?

“Curtis Young is an 18-year-old player, he has had his knocks, but he is playing in a good standard of football, sometimes he is out of the game quite a bit, then all of a sudden he comes alive. As a wide player, you can sort of accept that, but you need some quality at the end of it and Curtis delivers that end product. He’s got countless assist already this year, he is on five goals from eight games. So I think he will write his own headlines, I said that early on. He has got an opportunity that kid, there is no doubt about it’’

I know you are still beaming about today, but I have to ask you about next week’s trip to Taunton which will be a toughie?

‘’Sean, Taunton is up there with Hereford for me in terms of the disappointments I have had as a manager here. We went to Taunton last year and got beaten 5-0 and we were totally steamrollered.’’

Yes. It wasn’t the nicest of memories that game, we had opportunities though?

“I remember Jarvo (Ashley Jarvis) should have scored a couple bless him, I remember that Curtis made his debut there, it wasn’t really a performance that warranted a 5-0 loss, it was hard to take, the journey home was horrible. That Taunton game sticks out as a horrible game, so we need to put in a decent performance this time around worthy of the current team.’’

And of course, we face them again in a few weeks?

“We have got them twice in a month because we are there in early October in the FA Trophy. But hey, we will go there in good spirits after today, it’s a long journey but we will go there and do everything we can to get a result.’’



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