Thursday, November 15

Louis Langdown ‘Credit to the lads for turning it around’

Louis Langdown ‘Credit to the lads for turning it around’

‘Credit to the lads for turning it around’

Well we have beaten Cirencester 2-1 today. Somewhat fortuitously would you say?

“I don’t know if fortuitous is the right word, but Shane Murphy has kept us in it in the first 20 minutes, he has made some excellent saves and all credit to him. When we needed him, he has stood up firm and he has made some really good saves”.

It’s not like us to be so sloppy is it?

“We were sloppy, the players know it. We just could not get out of it, we were trying to get information on from the side-lines to step up the tempo and affect the game, it was as if we were waiting for them to score. We needed to affect the game and we couldn’t for whatever reason, and I was almost thankful they scored”

They did eventually get the lead

“They have scored the scrappiest goal you will ever see”

Then out of the blue we have got ourselves level, haven’t we?

“Feeney has done well to get his penalty, he’s locked the ball in and rolled the defender who could only stop him by tripping him. It was nice and brave of him to step up and take it and put it in the bottom corner and we were back in a game in which we had been absolutely dreadful, let’s be honest”

“At half time there was some frank exchanges from between players and then we as a staff settled them down and said, ‘right this is how we will affect the game and get the win’. Squeeze the pitch and go man for man so there are no grey areas, pressure each player on the ball out of possession, and then when we get it back take care of the ball better, look after their deep lying midfielder and as soon as we can look to move forward instead of a sideways. So we pressed and regained possession through Jack Masterton and Curtis looked forward early to slide Feeney in on goal and it’s a clinical finish.  In two passes we’ve scored a great goal by doing what we are good at, hustling to win the ball back, breaking at pace and making excellent runs on the shoulders of the back four”.

“If I am honest I still felt comfortable throughout the game, Dave Allen’s hit the bar and they have gone down the other end and hit the bar, I felt comfortable that we had seen off a terrible first half and turned it around from a losing position into a winning position so all credit to the lads”.

They say a sign of a good side is they win when not playing well and that was certainly the case today wasn’t it?

“I agree 100% we were not at our best and everyone can see that. They know it, we know it, but we have managed to get a win and that is crucial for any side who are looking to do something in their league campaign. You have got to be able to do that. Credit to the lads for turning it around and hopefully they will not give us another performance like that one the first half to watch again.”

On the next week Louis. We have a tough looking game at Bristol Manor Farm. What are your thoughts on that one?

“We have just got to take care of our own business. As long as we are on it, then good. If we take our foot off the pedal and we don’t have eleven at it then someone is going to beat us at some stage.”

“We are unbeaten since the 24th of October so that is a huge positive for this group. We have got something about us, that is for sure. We can dig in when we have to now. There were question marks over us at the beginning of the season, but we have proved that we can do that.”

“Bristol MF will be decent, they have spent a lot on their front line and that is why they score lots of goals. We will go there with confidence after our recent results. We will concentrate on our own game and hopefully we will pick something up there next week.”



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