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Louis Langdown: The players absolutely deserved that win!

Louis Langdown: The players absolutely deserved that win!

Louis Langdown couldn’t hide his delight as he gave Sean McGlead his thoughts on last nights thoroughly deserved 1-0 win at North Leigh

A last minute winner has just seen us take a well deserved 3 points this eve, would you agree that was nothing more than we deserved? 

The players absolutely deserved that win, a last minute winner away from home is probably the perfect way to win a game from a feel good factor, after missing a host of chances and of course another penalty miss coupled with Shane only having to face a single shot on target from North Leigh, it might have seemed all our efforts and play would go unrewarded. The attitude to keep asking questions of North Leigh through good play was finally gave the team a much deserved win.

It must have been a huge relief to see Feeney score the one on one at the death after the team had failed to score in many similar positions over many games this season? 

You’re right Sean, we have missed some good opportunities but like any manager will tell you, the moment the team cannot create those chances is the time to panic. It was a cool finish after what was probably a frustrating game for Craig who had worked the line well and had three or four goal scoring chances he would have expected to take, but his confidence remained to make the run and finish under pressure, is a good sign for everyone. For me the goal was perfect play, it was a combination of players doing their job, Callum towers over their Forward to win the header, as he and both Jack’s had done all evening, Tony is in the right position to pick up the 2nd ball and his clever touch to release Craig, who timed his run to perfection to race clear, and calmly finish tells me the players today answered our calls for a improved attitude and application.

Are you concerned with the amount of penalties we are missing? 

Concerned no, gutted yes. 5 penalty misses at key times in games of course affects the outcome. Look, in the 20 odd games we’ve scored first, we’ve only lost the one game and that was a narrow 2-1 loss to a side int he league above, so it had definitely hurt us this season. The lads practice, we’ve changed penalty taker to so we all take some share in the penalty misses. But today the talk should be that we overcome that disappointment to win a game we throughly deserved to.

League leaders Taunton only managed a draw here on the North Leigh slope last game out, and both Salisbury and Bideford have lost here so you must be pleased with your players this eve, in particular I thought Robin and Alfy were brilliant.

Yes I’d say that’s Alfy’s best 90 minutes for us, he and Robin broke the play up and passed the ball accurately all night long. They both battled tirelessly and in Robin we have an unsung player who I think the fans are starting to see just what he does for this team. We as a staff and the players themselves know his qualities, he’s an out and out team player. And let’s get it right, this is a guy that plays for nothing, not a single penny. Find me a player in the top half of our league that does that, in fact in the entire league and the league below? He’s not the only one of their this eve either, these guys will always get my gratitude and unwavering support, they play for the club and each other because they are good characters.

Couldn’t agree more Louis.  

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