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Louis is Proud despite Trophy Exit

Louis is Proud despite Trophy Exit

Louis Langdown was understandably disappointed after last night’s 2-1 FA Trophy replay defeat to Taunton but he is very proud of the way his side has performed against the league leaders.

He gives us his thoughts here…

Langdown ‘Proud’ of his side

After losing 2-1 to Taunton after extra time Louis you must be terribly disappointed?

“Yes mate, absolutely gutted, we haven’t deserved that. To be honest we should have won the first game and I believe we should have also won this game. We have not been helped by the man in the middle, I am at a loss to as to how they have kept eleven players on the pitch.’’

Can you find some positives out of this tonight Louis?

Yes, Sean there are positives. We had probably done enough to win the game in all honesty. For a good 25 minutes in the second half I thought we had them on the run, in fact at the time I felt confident that we could go on and win the game. Fair play to Taunton though, they are big, they are physical, they know exactly what they are doing, they play off of the big man, they get it in the box and they cause you issues.’’

Well at least you know that your players have run the league leaders close?

‘’Yeah. We did, there wasn’t much in the league game at their place and we have held them for 180 minutes in the Trophy, but we ended up losing it in extra time tonight. Yeah, we can take a lot from that. It’s just a bit of bad luck that they got the winner the way they did, because after they hit the post the ball has come out to Ross Staley instead of the four Totton players that were around him, that is how it goes sometimes.


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