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Walking Football is a small-sided ball game created in 2011, and is much like you would have experienced playing a 5-a-side game only at a slower pace. The main differences, and the most challenging to overcome if you have played football, is that neither contact nor running is allowed. The game was designed for over 50s, but due to the physical and mental benefits has been adopted more widely. At AFC Totton we have men and women participating in walking football aged from mid-50s up to early 80s.

The rules have evolved as the popularity of the sport has rocketed leading to the formation of leagues, national and international competitions.

The main rules are:

•       No running or jogging on/off the ball;
•       No physical contact;
•       No above head height;
•       No heading;
•       No slide tackling.
•       No tackling from behind;
•       Free-kicks are indirect;
•       Players defending free-kicks must be 3 metres away;
•       Players can only take one step before taking a free-kick or penalty;
•       Players must wear shin pads.

At AFC Totton we play on an all weather, enclosed pitch; we've increased the skill level of play by only allowing three touches of the ball, the ball is released on the third touch. Our sessions are on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

Walking football sessions are run on the multiple use games area (MUGA) at the Snows Stadium on Tuesday and Friday mornings.  The current group are predominantly aged late 60s to mid 70s, although we have some members in a wider age range, notably 83 years young Jim Dolbear. 

Also featuring for AFC Totton Walking Football Team is Louise Gardner who is a former Southampton Ladies player who represented England in the first Women's World Cup tournament held in Mexico in 1971.

For more information, please contact the Club Secretary:

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