AFC Totton AFC Totton Pitching In - Partners with Southern Football League

Stadium Carner 500px.jpgPlease do not enter the field of play before, during or after the game.

Ball games are not permitted around the ground while the match is in progress.

Drums and other instruments are permitted inside the ground - please just be sensible and considerate of those around you.

Please do not use rude, obscene, racially insensitive or abusive language or gestures that are likely to cause offence.

The consumption of alcohol from glasses is only permitted inside the Clubhouse. Drinks can only be taken outside in plastic cups. Please do not attempt to take drinking glasses outside.

Climbing on floodlights, pylons, fences, stands and other club structures is dangerous and, therefore, strictly prohibited.

Please do not stand in the hatched areas around the pitch.

Offensive objects - including but not restricted to bottles, cans, glasses, smoke bombs, flares, etc. - are not permitted inside the ground. The throwing of objects onto the field of play is strictly prohibited.

Please note that vehicles are parked on club premises are at the risk of the owner/driver - the club can accept no responsibility for any damage to vehicles.

Any supporter who encroaches onto the playing area will be arrested.

The club reserves the right to refuse admission, eject from the ground or prosecute any person in breach of these Ground Regulations.

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